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Deception Training for Managers

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A stratagem can save a company, two stratagems can make it profitable again, three stratagems can make it a market leader

Once the the administration has been re-organized, and the production has been rationalized, and the costs have been cut, and the efficiency of the stocks and supplies management has been increased, and the financial management has been refined, then every company – be it large, medium or small – becomes aware that its competitiveness in the face of its global competitors is a matter of quality in training human resources. In this respect, it is more and more difficult to choose how to invest money and time. This is all the more relevant to the higher value-added roles, like management, and the sales departments. Training is offered in almost every field of human knowledge, but there is a special expertise which is not being offered elsewhere. Business Deception training course consists of four training levels:

Basic course

Intermediate course

Advanced course

Special course


Every single level has three main focuses, which are developed in more depth from the basic course through to the special course. The first focus is the information analysis – which remind us how important is to know ourselves and our adversaries before we draw up our strategy. The second focus is the study of deception and stratagems in order gain a progressively deeper knowledge of the logic of deception and its operational tools. The third focus is counterdeception, i.e. the protection against our adversaries' deception. Preliminary to counterdeception is a comprehensive understanding of how stratagems work. As the training becomes more complex, the problem of counterdeception will be analyzed according to the company profile and specific vulnerabilities.

The Basic Course is intended to provide the first analytical tools for understanding deception and employing stratagems in deception planning, as well as some preliminary discussion on counterdeception. The course is addressed to both managers and sales departments personnel. It is a 3-day course (either consecutive or non-consecutive). Participants will be provided with copyrighted learning material to be read beforehand. They will gain a basic knowledge of deception which will allow them to understand the basic use of stratagems and to access upper training levels. A special variant of the Basic Course is offered to sales departments personnel in order for them to add deception training to the sales and marketing techniques they already know and to learn some simple and effective stratagems.

The Intermediate Course is a 4-day course (either consecutive or non-consecutive) and provides participants with more sophisticated tools for deception analysis and deception planning within the context of their company's business strategy. A deeper knowledge of the use of stratagems for counterdeception is also developed. The participants will be given copyrighted learning material and their progress will be assessed both through some knowledge based tests and a practical exercise in the real world. At the end of the course, participants will acquire good analytical skills and the ability to conceive a strategy based on stratagems. They will be able to work out simple and effective deception plans.

The Advanced Course is a 6-day course (either consecutive or non-consecutive) which comprises several practical exercises. Participants will expand their knowledge of stratagems and will learn how to use advanced analytical tools and methodologies. Sound counterdeception techniques and procedures will be particularly developed. At the end of the course, participants will conceive, plan, implement and monitor a deception plan within their companies. The outcomes of these field exercises will be examined and evaluated on the last day.

The Special Course can be attended only by participants who have successfully completed the Advanced Course. It is a 6-day course (either consecutive or non-consecutive): from day-1 to day-5 participants will learn the most complex deception techniques through a broad and deep examination of several case studies. It will focus on the conditions for deception success and failure. It will also be offered a carefully developed analysis of the connection between strategy and stratagems. The course will provide advanced competence in integrating business security strategy with effective counterdeception measures. A field exercise and the assessment of the participants progress will take place on day-6.

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